About Us

Establised in 2013, Q-Zora Group has always looked upon providing serives after introspecting our Clients and coming up with the best results possible. Our dynamic team always analyse the requirements, looks for the client queries and come up with the exact and up-to-mark solutions.

Along with the corporate consultancy service, we have been one of the prominent manufacturers as well as Exporters of Tiles and Sanitaryware products since 2013. Our exports list includes many countries and states all over the world, that includes a large list of products like 60x60cm GVT, 60x120cm GVT, 30x60cm digital wall tiles ,40x40cm Parking tiles and more.

Our Commitments !!!

Commitment 1 : HONESTY

Foundation to success is honesty and trust, be it in our personal life or in business and we strictly adhere to it. You being our customer, you look for it and which is the same for us when we are in search of customers.

Commitment 2 : GETTING IT RIGHT

Things go wrong but making the same mistake repeatedly is something not to be accepted. Things go wrong with us however we don’t just leave it and say that's the best we can do: we have a conscience, and we will put it right and get it right. "He who makes a mistake, and doesn't correct it, makes another".


Customers is the first line of any business chain. Satisfaction of customer ensures the smooth working of the business chain and we firmly believe in this and thus always prioritize the satisfaction of customers

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